Start-up Toolkits

  • Business Planning

    What is a Business Plan and why do I need one?

    Find out more about this essential part of your developing business in this useful guide.

  • Cash-flow Forecasting

    Practical steps in developing your business cash-flow.

    Getting your cash-flow forecasts right from the start will help you to enhance short term business survival and develop longer-term prosperity.

  • Bookkeeping & Basic Accounts

    This handy guide will help you set up and use a bookkeeping system to manage your business finances. It describes what records you should keep and why it is so important to keep accurate records that are up to date.

  • Understanding Your Target Market

    Getting to know your customers.

    This handy guide includes all you need to know about understanding your customers including how to research your market and why segmentation is important.

  • Developing a Sales & Marketing Plan

    Plan the best way to reach your customers

    Once you have done your research, this toolkit will help you get the best out of your marketing budget.

  • Marketing Channels

    What are marketing channels? Why are they important?

    Look at the range of options available and get tips on creating content.

  • Business Branding

    What is a brand? Why is it important?

    Explore the practical steps to creating your business brand.

  • A Guide to Regulations & Compliance

    This guide will help you identify many of the regulations and laws that may affect your business at key stages of your business start-up and early development journey.